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Among the many household repairs and construction projects that homeowners regularly undertake, large-scale bathroom and kitchen rebuilds are among the most expensive and time-consuming projects out there. Before you put a deposit down with any old contractor, make sure you conduct a thorough review of your options. This article will walk you through the four most important factors in selecting, ensuring that you are completely prepared to select the top contractor for kitchen countertops in Albuquerque.

Turnaround Time

Among contractors focusing on granite installation in Albuquerque, M&R Granite has a well-established reputation for completing our jobs ahead of schedule, while still maintaining the attention to detail and quality control that made us the top Kitchen and Bath Design contractor in the Albuquerque area. Our granite installation estimates & quotes will always contain an accurate delivery date that allows you and your family to confidently plan your lives around this project.

Warranties & Guarantees

Before you sign a contract with any contractor, no matter how small the job may be, make sure that they offer a strong warranty for any countertops Albuquerque work that they complete. Most contractors will offer warranties that cover defects in design and installation for at least one year after the date of installation. If a countertop is found to be defective during that first year, your contractor should replace the granite installation in Albuquerque free-of-cost. Reach out to a member of our team to learn more about our warranties for kitchen countertops in Albuquerque.

Customer Reviews

Another key bit of information that you can find on granite countertop contractors in Albuquerque is to take a look at their customer reviews, particularly those that are not shown on their website. Common review sites like Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List contain reviews from real customers that will help you get a sense of the contractor’s quality of work, attention to detail, and dispute resolution process. M&R Granite’s attention to detail and focus on exceeding expectations on every job is the reason for our success. Check our customer reviews to learn more.


What is often the most important factor for customers seeking kitchen and bath design estimates & quotes, is actually one of the least important factors that you should be considering. In fact, when a price seems too good to be true, it usually us. The top contractors in Albuquerque will provide granite installation estimates & costs that accurately reflect their years of experience, excellent work, and use of high-quality starting materials. Remember that it will cost much more to have the job redone correctly than to work with the right contractor the first time.