Granite Tile Countertops

Granite tile countertops are a perfect solution for an affordable stone countertop that gives you the same classic look you want for your kitchen or bathroom.  You will get the same beautiful look of a solid surface and the same durability that will give you a countertop that will last for many years.  Granite tile options for countertops include larger tiles with edging in the tile which creates few seams.  So you get the same stylish look of a solid granite countertop.  

Another advantage to granite tile countertops versus a granite slab option is that you may find more color options in granite tiles.  M & R Marble and Granite has the experience you need to install granite tiles with a grout that deemphasizes the seam or accentuates it and adds to the unique overall appearance of your kitchen or bathroom countertop.  

Types of granite tile finishes

Polished Granite Tile

  • Glossy, almost mirror-like shine
  • Reflects light well
  • Draws attention to the stone
  • High-polish finish that repels
  • Excellent choice for the kitchen

Honed Granite Tile

  • Has a buffed or matte appearance
  • Does not have a high degree of reflection
  • Has a smooth surface and makes a good work surface in the kitchen
  • Does not show smudges

Flamed Granite Tile

  • Heated under the highest of temperatures creating a rougher texture
  • Has a more natural and faded appearance
  • Great for areas prone to dampness
  • Unique and beautiful option for bathrooms, patios, or outdoor kitchens